Control: 5.1.3 Ensure the storage container storing the activity logs is not publicly accessible


The storage account container containing the activity log export should not be publicly accessible.

Allowing public access to activity log content may aid an adversary in identifying weaknesses in the affected account's use or configuration.


From Console

  1. Search for Storage Accounts to access Storage account blade
  2. Click on the storage account name
  3. In Section Blob Service click Containers in side bar under Data storage. It will list all the containers in next blade
  4. Look for a record with container named as insight-operational-logs used for the logging activities.
  5. Click Access Policy from Context Menu and set Public Access Level to Private (no anonymous access)

From Command Line

az storage container set-permission --name insights-operational-logs --account-name <Storage Account Name> --public-access off

Note: By default, public access is set to null (allowing only private access) for a container with activity log export.


steampipe check azure_compliance.control.cis_v130_5_1_3


This control uses a named query: