Control: 3.1 Ensure that the default network does not exist in a project


To prevent use of default network, a project should not have a default network.

The default network has a preconfigured network configuration and automatically generates the following insecure firewall rules:

  • default-allow-internal: Allows ingress connections for all protocols and ports among instances in the network.
  • default-allow-ssh: Allows ingress connections on TCP port 22(SSH) from any source to any instance in the network.
  • default-allow-rdp: Allows ingress connections on TCP port 3389(RDP) from any source to any instance in the network.
  • default-allow-icmp: Allows ingress ICMP traffic from any source to any instance in the network.

These automatically created firewall rules do not get audit logged and cannot be configured to enable firewall rule logging.

Additionally, the default network is an auto mode network, which means that its subnets use the same predefined range of IP addresses, and as a result, it's not possible to use Cloud VPN or VPC Network Peering with the default network. The organization should create a new network based on the requirement and delete the default network.


From Console

  1. Login to the VPC networks
  2. Click the network named default.
  3. On the network detail page, click EDIT.
  4. Click DELETE VPC NETWORK from the top section of the page.
  5. If needed, create a new network to replace the default network.

From Command Line

  1. Delete the default network:
gcloud compute networks delete default
  1. If needed create new network:
gcloud compute networks create `NETWORK_NAME`


steampipe check gcp_compliance.control.cis_v120_3_1


This control uses a named query: