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Benchmark: Name Server (NS) Records


Name servers (NS) are the repositories of information that make up the domain database. The database is divided up into sections called zones, which are distributed among the name servers. The most important function of DNS servers is the translation (resolution) of human-memorable domain names (example.com) and hostnames into the corresponding numeric Internet Protocol (IP) addresses (, the second principal name space of the Internet, which is used to identify and locate computer systems and resources on the Internet.

When searching for a domain name, it hits the name server, which translates the domain name into the Internet Protocol (IP) address, so that the browser can locate it. Once it’s found the domain name in the name server, web browser uses the IP address to connect to the server and load the requested site.

This benchmark contains best practices for NS records.


Browse dashboards and select Name Server (NS) Records:

steampipe dashboard

Or run the benchmarks in your terminal:

steampipe check net_insights.benchmark.dns_ns_best_practices

Snapshot and share results via Steampipe Cloud:

steampipe login
steampipe check --share net_insights.benchmark.dns_ns_best_practices