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Control: Disable Snowflake authentication for all non-administrator users


With federated authentication enabled for an account, Snowflake still allows maintaining and using Snowflake user credentials (login name and password). In other words:

  • Account and security administrators can still create users with passwords maintained in Snowflake.
  • Users can still log into Snowflake using their Snowflake credentials.

However, if federated authentication is enabled for account, Snowflake does not recommend maintaining user passwords in Snowflake. Instead, user passwords should be maintained solely in the IdP.

If a user with no password (or alter an existing user and remove their password), this effectively disables Snowflake authentication for the user. Without a password in Snowflake, a user cannot log in using Snowflake authentication and must use federated authentication instead.

Specifically, Snowflake recommends disabling Snowflake authentication for all non-administrator users.


Run the control in your terminal:

steampipe check snowflake_compliance.control.security_overview_iam_user_without_accountadmin_role_password_not_set

Snapshot and share results via Steampipe Cloud:

steampipe login
steampipe check --share snowflake_compliance.control.security_overview_iam_user_without_accountadmin_role_password_not_set


This control uses a named query: