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Control: 7.5 Ensure Kubernetes web UI / Dashboard is not enabled


Dashboard is a web-based Kubernetes user interface. It can be used to deploy containerized applications to a Kubernetes cluster, troubleshoot your containerized application, and manage the cluster itself along with its attendant resources. You can use Dashboard to get an overview of applications running on your cluster, as well as for creating or modifying individual Kubernetes resources (such as Deployments, Jobs, DaemonSets, etc). For example, you can scale a Deployment, initiate a rolling update, restart a pod or deploy new applications using a deploy wizard.


From Console

  1. Logon to ACK console.
  2. Select the target cluster and select the kube-system namespace in the Namespace pop-menu.
  3. Input dashboard in the deploy filter bar, make sure there is no result exist after the filter, delete the dashboard deployment by selecting the Delete in More pop-menu.


Run the control in your terminal:

steampipe check alicloud_compliance.control.cis_v100_7_5

Snapshot and share results via Steampipe Cloud:

steampipe login
steampipe check --share alicloud_compliance.control.cis_v100_7_5


This control uses a named query: