Dashboard: EC2 Checks

Thrifty EC2 Benchmark

Thrifty developers eliminate their unused and underutilized EC2 instances. This benchmark focuses on finding resources that have not been restarted recently, have low utilization, using very large instance sizes, and reserved instances scheduled to expire within the next 30 days or have expired in the preceding 30 days.


ec2_instance_allowed_typesA list of allowed instance types. PostgreSQL wildcards are supported.["%.nano", "%.micro", "%.small", "%.medium", "%.large", "%.xlarge", "%._xlarge"]
ec2_instance_avg_cpu_utilization_highThe average CPU utilization required for instances to be considered frequently used. This value should be higher than ec2_instance_avg_cpu_utilization_low.35%
ec2_instance_avg_cpu_utilization_lowThe average CPU utilization required for instances to be considered infrequently used. This value should be lower than ec2_instance_avg_cpu_utilization_high.20%
ec2_reserved_instance_expiration_warning_daysThe number of days reserved instances can be running before sending a warning.30 days
ec2_running_instance_age_max_daysThe maximum number of days instances are allowed to run.90 days


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steampipe dashboard

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steampipe login
steampipe dashboard --share aws_thrifty.benchmark.ec2


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