steampipe plugin install francois2metz/scalingo

Table: scalingo_scm_repo_link

Link between your application and an scm integration.

The scalingo_scm_repo_link table can be used to query information about links to an scm and you must specify which application in the where or join clause using the app_name column.


scm_type owner,
app_name = 'caresteouvert-api';
scalingo_app app
left join scalingo_scm_repo_link srl on = srl.app_name;

Schema for scalingo_scm_repo_link

_ctxjsonbSteampipe context in JSON form, e.g. connection_name.
app_idtextThe application ID.
app_nametext=Name of the app.
auth_integration_uuidtextID of the scm integration linked for authentication.
auto_deploy_enabledbooleanTrue if a new deployment is trigered when the linked branch is updated.
automatic_creation_from_forks_allowedbooleanCreate a review app from forks.
branchtextThe branch used for auto deployment.
created_attimestamp with time zoneCreation date of the link.
delete_on_close_enabledbooleanDelete the review app when the pull request is closed.
delete_stale_enabledbooleanDelete the review app when there is no activity on the pull request.
deploy_review_apps_enabledbooleanActivation of the review apps feature.
hours_before_delete_on_closebigintTime to wait before deleting a review app linked to a closed pull request (in hours).
hours_before_delete_stalebigintTime to wait for activity on the pull request before deleting the review app (in hours)
idtextUnique ID identifying the link.
last_auto_deploy_attimestamp with time zoneDate of the last deployment triggered by this link
linker_emailtextEmail of the user that linked the repository.
linker_idtextID of the user that linked the repository.
linker_usernametextUsername of the user that linked the repository.
ownertextRepository owner name.
repotextRepository name.
scm_typetextThe integration type.
updated_attimestamp with time zoneLast time the link was updated.
urltextURL of the scm type.