steampipe plugin install aivensteampipe plugin install aiven

Aiven + Steampipe

Aiven is the company that offers the best data infrastructure platform to the world.

Steampipe is an open source CLI to instantly query cloud APIs using SQL.

List your Aiven accounts:

| id | name | billing_enabled | tenant_id |
| a41fdc9a0625 | Turbot-test | false | aiven |
| a41fd3d3b210 | turbot | false | aiven |


Quick start


Download and install the latest Aiven plugin:

steampipe plugin install aiven


CredentialsAiven requires an API key or email and password for all requests.
PermissionsAPI keys have the same permissions as the user who creates them, and if the user permissions change, the API key permissions also change.
RadiusEach connection represents a single Aiven Installation.
Resolution1. Credentials explicitly set in a steampipe config file (~/.steampipe/config/aiven.spc)
2. Credentials specified in environment variables, e.g., AIVEN_TOKEN.


Installing the latest aiven plugin will create a config file (~/.steampipe/config/aiven.spc) with a single connection named aiven:

Configure your account details in ~/.steampipe/config/aiven.spc:

connection "aiven" {
plugin = "aiven"
# You can connect to Aiven using one of the options below:
# Using API Key authentication
# `api_key` (required) - Create an authentication token in the Aiven Console for use with the Aiven CLI or API.
# To create an authentication token, refer to https://docs.aiven.io/docs/platform/howto/create_authentication_token
# Can also be set with the AIVEN_TOKEN environment variable.
# api_key = "oGAxUvrjAdL3QBhWnaJI67Pc9P0rPDzDfhykzVfBYPlmvVH8WdJMKaeVKzcrl4CnyXpjiaKJCCNT+OkbpxfWdDNqwZPngS"
# Using User authentication (without 2FA)
# email = "test@turbot.com"
# password = "test@123"
# If no credentials are specified, the plugin will use Aiven CLI authentication.
# We recommend using API Key authentication for MFA user.

Configuring Aiven Credentials

Authentication Token Credentials

You may specify the API key to authenticate:

  • api_key: Specify the authentication token.
connection "aiven" {
plugin = "aiven"
api_key = "oGAxUvrjAdL3QBhWnaJI67Pc9P0rPDzDfhykzVfBYPlmvVH8WdJMKaeVKzcrl4CnyXpjiaKJCCNT+OkbpxfWdDNqwZPngS"

User Credentials

You may specify the email ID and password to authenticate:

  • email: Specify the aiven email.
  • password: Specify the aiven password.
connection "aiven" {
plugin = "aiven"
email = "test@turbot.com"
password = "turbot@123"

Credentials from Environment Variables

The Aiven plugin will use the Aiven environment variable to obtain credentials only if other arguments (api_key, email, password) are not specified in the connection:

export AIVEN_TOKEN="oGAxUvrjAdL3QBhWnaJI67Pc9P0rPDzDfhykzVfBYPlmvVH8WdJMKaeVKzcrl4Cny"

Aiven CLI

If no credentials are specified and the environment variables are not set, the plugin will use the active credentials from the Aiven CLI. You can run avn user login to set up these credentials.

connection "aiven" {
plugin = "aiven"

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