steampipe plugin install chaos

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Schema for chaos_transforms

_ctxjsonbSteampipe context in JSON form, e.g. connection_name.
from_constant_columntextcolumn to test the FromConstant transform function
from_field_column_multipletextColumn to test FromField transform function from multiple sources
from_field_column_singletextColumn to test FromField transform function from a single source
from_json_tagtextcolumn to test FromJSONTag transform
from_matrix_item_columntextcolumn to test the FromMatrixItem transform
from_optional_qual_columntextColumn to test FromQual transform function with OptionalKeyColumn
from_qual_columntextColumn to test FromQual transform function with KeyColumn
from_tag_columntextcolumn to test the FromTag transform function
from_transform_columntextcolumn to test the From transform
from_value_columntextcolumn to test the FromValue transform function
idbigint=Column for the ID
optional_key_columntext=column to test optional key column quals
transform_method_columntextcolumn to test the FromMethod transform by invoking a function on the hydrate item