steampipe plugin install digitaloceansteampipe plugin install digitalocean


Query your DigitalOcean infrastructure including droplets, databases, networks and more.


Download and install the latest DigitalOcean plugin:

$ steampipe plugin install digitalocean
Installing plugin digitalocean...


A DigitalOcean connection is scoped to a single DigitalOcean account, with a single set of credentials.

Connection Configuration

Connection configurations are defined using HCL in one or more Steampipe config files. Steampipe will load ALL configuration files from ~/.steampipe/config that have a .spc extension. A config file may contain multiple connections.

Installing the latest digitalocean plugin will create a connection file (~/.steampipe/config/digitalocean.spc) with a single connection named digitalocean. You must modify this connection to include your Personal Access Token for DigitalOcean account.

connection "digitalocean" {
plugin = "digitalocean"
token = "17ImlCYdfZ3WJIrGk96gCpJn1fi1pLwVdrb23kj4"

Configuration Arguments

The DigitalOcean plugin allows you set static credentials with the token argument. Personal access tokens function like ordinary OAuth access tokens -- You can use them to authenticate to the API by including it in a bearer-type Authorization header with your request.

To use the plugin, you'll first need to create personal access token. Read scope is required (write is not).

If the token argument is not specified for a connection, the project will be determined in the following order:

  • The DIGITALOCEAN_TOKEN environment variable, if set; otherwise
  • The DIGITALOCEAN_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable, if set (this is deprecated).

Example configurations

  • A connection to a specific account, using token.

    connection "digitalocean_my_account" {
    plugin = "digitalocean"
    token = "1646968370949-df954218b5da5b8614c85cc454136b27"
  • A common configuration is to have multiple connections to different DigitalOcean accounts.

    connection "account_aaa" {
    plugin = "digitalocean"
    token = "1646968370949-df954218b5da5b8614c85cc4541abcde"
    connection "account_bbb" {
    plugin = "digitalocean"
    token = "1646968370949-df954218b5da5b8614c85cc4541fghij"
    connection "account_ccc" {
    plugin = "digitalocean"
    token = "1646968370949-df954218b5da5b8614c85cc4541klmno"