steampipe plugin install scalewaysteampipe plugin install scaleway

Scaleway + Steampipe

Scaleway is a cloud platform, offering BareMetal and Virtual SSD Cloud Servers for any workload.

Steampipe is an open source CLI to instantly query cloud APIs using SQL.

List VPC private networks in your Scaleway project:

| name | id | zone | project |
| pvn-peaceful-diffie | 63cd190c-aef9-4ef0-8958-0a6e36f977ff | fr-par-1 | ad52df9b-0a0e-48d4-b8d2-148e95606004 |
| pvn-silly-cori | 4691cf48-9cee-4f99-a633-e3e7c15eb5e2 | fr-par-1 | 3d4f5adb-450a-407d-a7e8-8481a6aa97d6 |


Get started


Download and install the latest Scaleway plugin:

steampipe plugin install scaleway


CredentialsGet your credentials from Scaleway console.
RadiusEach connection represents a single Scaleway project.
Resolution1. Credentials explicitly set in a steampipe config file (~/.steampipe/config/scaleway.spc).
2. Credentials specified in environment variables e.g. SCW_ACCESS_KEY and SCW_SECRET_KEY.
Region Resolution1. Regions set for the connection via the regions argument in the config file (~/.steampipe/config/scaleway.spc).
2. The region specified in the SCW_DEFAULT_REGION environment variable.


Installing the latest scaleway plugin will create a config file (~/.steampipe/config/scaleway.spc) with a single connection named scaleway:

connection "scaleway" {
plugin = "scaleway"
# Set the static credential with the `access_key` and `secret_key` arguments.
# Alternatively, if no creds passed in config, you may set the environment
# variables using the `SCW_ACCESS_KEY` and `SCW_SECRET_KEY` arguments.
access_key = "YOUR_ACCESS_KEY"
# You may connect to one or more regions. If `regions` is not specified,
# Steampipe will use a single default region using the `SCW_DEFAULT_REGION`
# environment variable.
# regions = ["fr-par", "nl-ams"]

Get involved

Multi-Region Connections

You may also specify one or more regions with the regions argument:

connection "scaleway" {
plugin = "scaleway"
regions = ["fr-par", "nl-ams", "pl-waw"]

The region argument supports wildcards:

  • All regions

    connection "scaleway" {
    plugin = "scaleway"
    regions = ["*"]

Scaleway multi-region connections are common, but be aware that performance may be impacted by the number of regions and the latency to them.

Multi-Project Connections

You may create multiple scaleway connections:

connection "scaleway_01" {
plugin = "scaleway"
regions = ["fr-par", "nl-ams"]
connection "scaleway_02" {
plugin = "scaleway"
regions = ["pl-waw"]

Each connection is implemented as a distinct Postgres schema. As such, you can use qualified table names to query a specific connection:

select * from scaleway_02.scaleway_vpc_private_network;

Alternatively, can use an unqualified name and it will be resolved according to the Search Path:

select * from scaleway_vpc_private_network;

You can multi-project connections by using an aggregator connection.Aggregators allow you to query data from multiple connections for a plugin as if they are a single connection:

connection "scaleway_all" {
plugin = "scaleway"
type = "aggregator"
connections = ["scaleway_01", "scaleway_02"]

Querying tables from this connection will return results from the scaleway_01 and scaleway_02 connections:

select * from scaleway_all.scaleway_vpc_private_network;

Steampipe supports the * wildcard in the connection names. For example, to aggregate all the Scaleway plugin connections whose names begin with scaleway_:

connection "scaleway_all" {
type = "aggregator"
plugin = "scaleway"
connections = ["scaleway_*"]

Aggregators are powerful, but they are not infinitely scalable. Like any other steampipe connection, they query APIs and are subject to API limits and throttling.Consider as an example and aggregator that includes 3 Scaleway connections, where each connection queries 3 regions. This means you essentially run the same list API calls 9 times! When using aggregators, it is especially important to:

  • Query only what you need! select * from scaleway_object_bucket must make a list API call in each connection, and then 9 API calls for each bucket, where select name, versioning_enabled from scaleway_object_bucket would only require a single API call per bucket.
  • Consider extending the cache TTL. The default is currently 300 seconds (5 minutes).Obviously, anytime steampipe can pull from the cache, its is faster and less impactful to the APIs. If you don't need the most up-to-date results, increase the cache TTL!

Configuring Scaleway Credentials

Credentials from Environment Variables

The Scaleway plugin will use the standard Scaleway environment variables to obtain credentials only if other arguments (access_key, secret_key, regions) are not specified in the connection:

connection "scaleway" {
plugin = "scaleway"