steampipe plugin install slacksteampipe plugin install slack

Slack + Steampipe

Slack is a messaging program designed specifically for the workplace.

Steampipe is an open source CLI to instantly query cloud APIs using SQL.

For example:

| email| | is_admin |
| pam@dmi.com | false |
| creed@dmi.com | true |
| stanley@dmi.com | false |
| michael@dmi.com | true |
| dwight@dmi.com | false |


Get started


Download and install the latest Slack plugin:

steampipe plugin install slack


API tokens in Slack are associated with Apps. To use Steampipe, you need to create an App in Slack with the appropriate permissions.

  1. Sign in to the Slack website, and view "Your Apps" at https://api.slack.com/apps.
  2. Select Create New App.
  3. Select From scratch.
  4. Enter an application name, e.g., Steampipe CLI, and select your workspace.
  5. Select Add features & functionality.
  6. Select Permissions.
  7. Scroll down to "Scopes" and then "User Token Scopes".
  8. Add permissions by scope, using the table below to grant the required read access.
  9. Scroll up to "OAuth Tokens for Your Workspace" and (re)install your app.
  10. Copy the user OAuth token for the application. It looks like xoxp-2556146250-EXAMPLE-1646968370949-df954218b5da5b8614c85cc454136b27.

Permissions and Scopes

Scopes are used to determine the permissions and access granted to your App in Slack. Steampipe requires different permissions for each table. We recommend granting the team:read scope and all of the scopes in the table below, but you can restrict them to specific tables if you prefer.

Please note that if you add scopes to an application, you will need to reinstall the application to the workspace for the changes to take effect.

TableScopes Required
All tablesteam:read (if querying the workspace_domain column)
slack_access_logadmin (paid plan required)
slack_conversationchannels:read, groups:read, im:read, mpim:read
slack_conversation_memberchannels:read, groups:read, im:read, mpim:read
slack_userusers:read, users:read.email


Installing the latest slack plugin will create a config file (~/.steampipe/config/slack.spc) with a single connection named slack:

connection "slack" {
plugin = "slack"
# The Slack app token used to connect to the API.
# Can also be set with the SLACK_TOKEN environment variable.
#token = "xoxp-YOUR_TOKEN_HERE"

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