steampipe plugin install stripesteampipe plugin install stripe

Table: stripe_account

Get Stripe account information for the authenticated caller.


List all accounts


Are card payments active for this account?

(capabilities -> 'card_payments')::bool as card_payments

.inspect stripe_account

This is an object representing a Stripe account.

business_profilejsonbBusiness information about the account.
business_typetextThe business type.
capabilitiesjsonbA hash containing the set of capabilities that was requested for this account and their associated states. Keys are names of capabilities. You can see the full list here. Values may be active, inactive, or pending.
charges_enabledbooleanWhether the account can create live charges.
companyjsonbInformation about the company or business. This field is available for any business_type.
countrytextThe account’s country.
createdtimestamp without time zoneTime at which the account was created.
default_currencytextThree-letter ISO currency code representing the default currency for the account.
deletedbooleanTrue if the customer is marked as deleted.
details_submittedbooleanWhether account details have been submitted. Standard accounts cannot receive payouts before this is true.
emailtextAn email address associated with the account. You can treat this as metadata: it is not used for authentication or messaging account holders.
external_accountsjsonbExternal accounts (bank accounts and debit cards) currently attached to this account.
idtextUnique identifier for the account.
individualjsonbInformation about the person represented by the account. This field is null unless business_type is set to individual.
metadatajsonbSet of key-value pairs that you can attach to an account. This can be useful for storing additional information about the account in a structured format.
payouts_enabledbooleanWhether Stripe can send payouts to this account.
requirementsjsonbInformation about the requirements for the account, including what information needs to be collected, and by when.
settingsjsonbOptions for customizing how the account functions within Stripe.
tos_acceptancejsonbDetails on the acceptance of the Stripe Services Agreement.
typetextThe Stripe account type. Can be standard, express, or custom.