steampipe plugin install urlscansteampipe plugin install urlscan

Table: urlscan_tls

List all TLS protocols used by requests in the page of a given scan.

Note: A scan must be provided in all queries to this table.


List TLS protocols by count

p.key as protocol,
p.value as count
urlscan_tls as t,
jsonb_each(t.protocols) as p
scan = '54c78f69-5294-4a17-8ae0-a71943954e09'
order by
count desc

.inspect urlscan_tls

Transport Layer Security (TLS) status for requests during the scan.

countbigintNumber of requests using this security.
countriesjsonbCountries where the tls resides.
encoded_sizebigintTotal encoded size of all requests sent to this tls.
ipsjsonbIP addresses for the tls.
protocolsjsonbTLS protocols used by requests, including the count.
scantextID of the scan result.
security_statetextSecurity state for these requests.
sizebigintTotal size of all requests sent to this tls.