steampipe plugin install equinix

Table: equinix_metal_metro - Query Equinix Metal Metros using SQL

Equinix Metal Metros are geographical areas where Equinix Metal has facilities. These metro areas are significant for users as they provide the physical locations where users can deploy and manage their infrastructure. The metro areas cover multiple regions worldwide, offering users a wide range of options for infrastructure deployment.

Table Usage Guide

The equinix_metal_metro table provides insights into the metro areas where Equinix Metal has facilities. As a DevOps engineer, explore metro-specific details through this table, including the geographical distribution and availability of these facilities. Utilize it to uncover information about metros, such as their code, name, and country, aiding in the selection of suitable locations for infrastructure deployment.


List all Equinix Metal metros

Explore all the metropolitan locations where Equinix Metal services are available. This allows you to identify where you might deploy your infrastructure according to your business needs.


Schema for equinix_metal_metro

_ctxjsonbSteampipe context in JSON form, e.g. connection_name.
codetextCode of the metro.
countrytextCountry of the metro.
hreftextURL of the metro.
idtextID of the metro.
nametextName of the metro.


This table is available as a standalone Exporter CLI. Steampipe exporters are stand-alone binaries that allow you to extract data using Steampipe plugins without a database.

You can download the tarball for your platform from the Releases page, but it is simplest to install them with the script:

/bin/sh -c "$(curl -fsSL" -- equinix

You can pass the configuration to the command with the --config argument:

steampipe_export_equinix --config '<your_config>' equinix_metal_metro