steampipe plugin install equinixsteampipe plugin install equinix

Table: equinix_metal_organization

Organizations the authenticated user has access to.


List all organizations


List all projects for the organization

o.id as org_id,
o.name as org_name,
p.id as project_id,
p.name as project_name
equinix_metal_organization as o,
jsonb_array_elements_text(o.project_ids) as opid,
equinix_metal_project as p
p.id = opid

.inspect equinix_metal_organization

Organizations the user has access to.

addressjsonbAddress of the organization.
akasjsonbArray of globally unique identifier strings (also known as) for the resource.
billing_phonetextBilling phone number of the organization.
created_attimestamp without time zoneWhen the organization was created.
credit_amountdouble precisionCredit amount available to the organization.
descriptiontextDescription for the organization.
hreftextURL for the organization.
idtextID of the organization.
logotextLogo of the organization.
logo_thumbtextLogo thumbnail of the organization.
main_phonetextMain phone number of the organization.
member_idsjsonbIDs of the members of this organization.
nametextName of the organization.
owner_idsjsonbIDs of the owners of this organization.
project_idsjsonbProjects for the organization.
tagsjsonbA map of tags for the resource.
tax_idtextTax ID of the organization.
titletextTitle of the resource.
twittertextTwitter handle for the organization.
updated_attimestamp without time zoneWhen the organization was updated.
websitetextWebsite for the organization.