steampipe plugin install githubsteampipe plugin install github

Table: github_organization

Organizations are shared accounts where businesses and open-source projects can collaborate across many projects at once. Owners and administrators can manage member access to the organization's data and projects with sophisticated security and administrative features.

You can query details for ANY organization with the github_organization table, but you must specify the login explicitly in the where or join clause (where login=, join github_organization on login=).

To list organizations that you are a member of, use the github_my_organization table.


Basic info for a GitHub Organization

login as organization,
login = 'postgres';

List members of an organization

login as organization,
jsonb_array_elements_text(member_logins) as member_login
login = 'google';

.inspect github_organization

GitHub Organizations are shared accounts where businesses and open-source projects can collaborate across many projects at once.

avatar_urltextThe URL of the organization's avatar.
billing_emailtextThe email address for billing.
blogtextThe URL of the organizations blog.
collaboratorsbigintThe number of collaborators for the organization.
companytextThe name of the associated company.
created_attimestamp without time zoneThe timestamp when the organization was created.
default_repo_permissiontextThe default repository permissions for the organization.
descriptiontextThe organization description.
disk_usagebigintThe total disk usage for the organization.
emailtextThe email address associated with the organization.
events_urltextThe API Events URL.
followersbigintThe number of users following the organization.
followingbigintThe number of users followed by the organization.
has_organization_projectsbooleanIf true, the organization can use organization projects.
has_repository_projectsbooleanIf true, the organization can use repository projects.
hooks_urltextThe API Hooks URL.
html_urltextThe address for the organization's GitHub web page.
idbigintThe unique ID number of the organization.
is_verifiedbooleanIf true, the organization has been verified with domain verification.
issues_urltextThe API Issues URL.
locationtextThe geographical location.
logintextThe login name of the organization.
member_loginsjsonbAn array of user logins that are members of the organization.
membersjsonbAn array of users that are members of the organization.
members_allowed_repository_creation_typetextSpecifies which types of repositories non-admin organization members can create
members_can_create_internal_reposbooleanIf true, members can create internal repositories.
members_can_create_pagesbooleanIf true, members can create pages.
members_can_create_private_reposbooleanIf true, members can create private repositories.
members_can_create_public_reposbooleanIf true, members can create public repositories.
members_can_create_reposbooleanIf true, members can create repositories.
members_urltextThe API Members URL.
nametextThe organization name.
node_idtextThe node id of the organization.
owned_private_reposbigintThe number of owned private repositories.
plan_filled_seatsbigintThe number of used seats for the plan.
plan_nametextThe name of the GitHub plan.
plan_private_reposbigintThe number of private repositories for the plan.
plan_seatsbigintThe number of available seats for the plan
plan_spacebigintThe total space allocated for the plan.
private_gistsbigintThe number of private gists.
public_gistsbigintThe number of public gists.
public_members_urltextThe API Public Members URL.
public_reposbigintThe number of public repositories.
repos_urltextThe API Repos URL.
total_private_reposbigintThe number of private repositories.
twitter_usernametextThe organizations twitter handle.
two_factor_requirement_enabledbooleanIf true, all members in the organization must have two factor authentication enabled.
typetextThe user type of the organization.
updated_attimestamp without time zoneThe timestamp when the organization was last updated.
urltextThe API URL of the organization.