steampipe plugin install kubernetessteampipe plugin install kubernetes

Table: kubernetes_stateful_set

In Kubernetes, stateful sets represent a set of pods with unique, persistent identities and stable hostnames that GKE maintains regardless of where they are scheduled.


Basic Info - kubectl get statefulsets --all-namespaces columns

age(current_timestamp, creation_timestamp)
order by

List stateful sets that require manual update when the object's configuration is changed

update_strategy ->> 'type' as update_strategy_type
update_strategy ->> 'type' = 'OnDelete';

.inspect kubernetes_stateful_set

A statefulSet is the workload API object used to manage stateful applications.

annotationsjsonbAnnotations is an unstructured key value map stored with a resource that may be set by external tools to store and retrieve arbitrary metadata.
collision_countbigintThe count of hash collisions for the StatefulSet.
conditionsjsonbRepresents the latest available observations of a stateful set's current state.
context_nametextKubectl config context name.
creation_timestamptimestamp without time zoneCreationTimestamp is a timestamp representing the server time when this object was created.
current_replicasbigintThe number of Pods created by the StatefulSet controller from the StatefulSet version indicated by currentRevision.
current_revisiontextIndicates the version of the StatefulSet used to generate Pods in the sequence [0,currentReplicas).
deletion_grace_period_secondsbigintNumber of seconds allowed for this object to gracefully terminate before it will be removed from the system. Only set when deletionTimestamp is also set.
deletion_timestamptimestamp without time zoneDeletionTimestamp is RFC 3339 date and time at which this resource will be deleted.
finalizersjsonbMust be empty before the object is deleted from the registry. Each entry is an identifier for the responsible component that will remove the entry from the list. If the deletionTimestamp of the object is non-nil, entries in this list can only be removed.
generate_nametextGenerateName is an optional prefix, used by the server, to generate a unique name ONLY IF the Name field has not been provided.
generationbigintA sequence number representing a specific generation of the desired state.
labelsjsonbMap of string keys and values that can be used to organize and categorize (scope and select) objects. May match selectors of replication controllers and services.
nametextName of the object. Name must be unique within a namespace.
namespacetextNamespace defines the space within which each name must be unique.
observed_generationbigintThe most recent generation observed for this StatefulSet.
owner_referencesjsonbList of objects depended by this object. If ALL objects in the list have been deleted, this object will be garbage collected. If this object is managed by a controller, then an entry in this list will point to this controller, with the controller field set to true. There cannot be more than one managing controller.
pod_management_policytextPolicy that controls how pods are created during initial scale up, when replacing pods on nodes, or when scaling down.
ready_replicasbigintThe number of Pods created by the StatefulSet controller that have a Ready Condition.
replicasbigintThe desired number of replicas of the given Template.
resource_versiontextAn opaque value that represents the internal version of this object that can be used by clients to determine when objects have changed.
revision_history_limitbigintThe maximum number of revisions that will be maintained in the StatefulSet's revision history.
service_nametextThe ame of the service that governs this StatefulSet.
tagsjsonbA map of tags for the resource. This includes both labels and annotations.
titletextTitle of the resource.
uidtextUID is the unique in time and space value for this object.
update_revisiontextIndicates the version of the StatefulSet used to generate Pods in the sequence [replicas-updatedReplicas,replicas).
update_strategyjsonbIndicates the StatefulSetUpdateStrategy that will be employed to update Pods in the StatefulSet when a revision is made to Template.
updated_replicasbigintThe number of Pods created by the StatefulSet controller from the StatefulSet version indicated by updateRevision.