steampipe plugin install twittersteampipe plugin install twitter

Table: twitter_tweet

Get information about a public tweet.

To query lists of tweets see twitter_search_recent or twitter_user_tweet instead.

Note: The id field must be set in the where clause.


Get tweet by ID

id = '1373134228620214275'

.inspect twitter_tweet

Lookup a specific tweet by ID.

_ctxjsonbSteampipe context in JSON form, e.g. connection_name.
attachment_pollsjsonbPolls attached to the Tweet.
attachmentsjsonbSpecifies the type of attachments (if any) present in this Tweet.
authorjsonbAuthor of the Tweet.
author_idtextUnique identifier of the author of the Tweet.
cashtagsjsonbList of cashtags (e.g. $TWTR) mentioned in the Tweet.
context_annotationsjsonbContains context annotations for the Tweet.
conversation_idtextThe Tweet ID of the original Tweet of the conversation (which includes direct replies, replies of replies).
created_attimestamp with time zoneCreation time of the Tweet.
entitiesjsonbContains details about text that has a special meaning in a Tweet.
geojsonbContains details about the location tagged by the user in this Tweet, if they specified one.
hashtagsjsonbList of hashtags (e.g. #sql) mentioned in the Tweet.
idtextUnique identifier of this Tweet.
in_reply_to_user_idtextIf this Tweet is a Reply, indicates the user ID of the parent Tweet's author.
in_reply_userjsonbUser the Tweet was in reply to.
langtextLanguage of the Tweet, if detected by Twitter. Returned as a BCP47 language tag.
mentionsjsonbList of users (e.g. steampipeio) mentioned in the Tweet.
mentions_objjsonbUsers mentioned in the Tweet.
placejsonbPlace where the Tweet was created.
possibly_sensitivebooleanIndicates if this Tweet contains URLs marked as sensitive, for example content suitable for mature audiences.
public_metricsjsonbEngagement metrics for the Tweet at the time of the request.
quotedtextIf this Tweet is a Quote Tweet, indicates the ID of the original Tweet.
referenced_tweetsjsonbTweets referenced in this Tweet.
replied_totextIf this Tweet is a Reply, indicates the ID of the Tweet it is a reply to.
retweetedtextIf this Tweet is a Retweet, indicates the ID of the orginal Tweet.
sourcetextThe name of the app the user Tweeted from.
texttextThe content of the Tweet.
urlsjsonbList of URLs (e.g. https://steampipe.io) mentioned in the Tweet.
withheldjsonbContains withholding details for withheld content.