steampipe plugin install twittersteampipe plugin install twitter

Table: twitter_user

Get information about a single user.

To query lists of users see twitter_user_follower or twitter_user_following or twitter_user_mention instead.

Note: The id (preferred) or username field must be set in the where clause.


Get user by ID

id = '1318177503995985921' -- @steampipeio

Get user by username

username = 'steampipeio'

.inspect twitter_user

Lookup a specific user by ID or username.

_ctxjsonbSteampipe context in JSON form, e.g. connection_name.
created_attimestamp with time zoneThe UTC datetime that the user account was created on Twitter.
descriptiontextThe text of this user's profile description (also known as bio), if the user provided one.
entitiesjsonbEntities are JSON objects that provide additional information about hashtags, urls, user mentions, and cashtags associated with the description.
idtextThe unique identifier of this user.
locationtextThe location specified in the user's profile, if the user provided one. As this is a freeform value, it may not indicate a valid location, but it may be fuzzily evaluated when performing searches with location queries.
nametextThe name of the user, as they’ve defined it on their profile. Not necessarily a person’s name.
pinned_tweetjsonbContains withholding details for withheld content, if applicable.
pinned_tweet_idtextUnique identifier of this user's pinned Tweet.
profile_image_urltextThe URL to the profile image for this user, as shown on the user's profile.
protectedtextIndicates if this user has chosen to protect their Tweets (in other words, if this user's Tweets are private).
public_metricsjsonbContains details about activity for this user.
urltextThe URL specified in the user's profile, if present.
usernametextThe Twitter screen name, handle, or alias that this user identifies themselves with. Usernames are unique but subject to change.
verifiedbooleanIndicates if this user is a verified Twitter User.
withheldjsonbContains withholding details for withheld content, if applicable.