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Table: zendesk_brand

Brand information for the Zendesk tenant.


Get brand information

id = '1234';

.inspect zendesk_brand

Brands are your customer-facing identities. They might represent multiple products or services, or they might literally be multiple brands owned and represented by your company.

activebooleanIf the brand is set active
brand_urltextThe URL of the brand
created_attimestamp without time zoneThe time the brand was created
defaultbooleanIs the brand the default brand for this account
has_help_centerbooleanIf the brand has a Help Center
help_center_statetextThe state of the Help Center. Allowed values are "enabled", "disabled", or "restricted".
host_mappingtextThe hostmapping to this brand, if any. Only admins can view this property.
idtextAutomatically assigned when the brand is created
logo_content_typetextThe content type of the image. Example value: "image/png"
logo_content_urltextA full URL where the attachment image file can be downloaded
logo_file_nametextThe name of the image file
logo_idbigintAutomatically assigned when created
logo_inlinebooleanIf true, the attachment is excluded from the attachment list and the attachment's URL can be referenced within the comment of a ticket. Default is false
logo_sizebigintThe size of the image file in bytes
logo_thumbnailsjsonbAn array of attachment objects
nametextThe name of the brand
signature_templatetextThe signature template for a brand
subdomaintextThe subdomain of the brand
ticket_form_idsjsonbThe ids of ticket forms that are available for use by a brand
updated_attimestamp without time zoneThe time of the last update of the brand
urltextThe API URL of the brand