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Table: gcp_bigquery_table

A BigQuery table contains individual records organized in rows. Each record is composed of columns (also called fields).

Every table is defined by a schema that describes the column names, data types, and other information. One can specify the schema of a table when it is created, or can create a table without a schema and declare the schema in the query job or load job that first populates it with data.


Basic info


List tables that are not encrypted using CMK

kms_key_name is null;

List tables which do not have owner tag key

tags -> 'owner' is null;

.inspect gcp_bigquery_table

GCP Bigquery Table

akasjsonbArray of globally unique identifier strings (also known as) for the resource.
clustering_fieldsjsonbOne or more fields on which data should be clustered.
creation_timetimestamp without time zoneThe time when this table was created, in milliseconds since the epoch.
dataset_idtextThe ID of the dataset containing this table.
descriptiontextA user-friendly description of this table.
etagtextA hash of the table metadata, used to ensure there were no concurrent modifications to the resource when attempting an update.
expiration_timetimestamp without time zoneThe time when this table expires, in milliseconds since the epoch. If not present, the table will persist indefinitely. Expired tables will be deleted and their storage reclaimed. The defaultTableExpirationMs property of the encapsulating dataset can be used to set a default expirationTime on newly created tables.
external_data_configurationjsonbDescribes the data format, location, and other properties of a table stored outside of BigQuery.
idtextAn opaque ID uniquely identifying the table.
kindtextThe type of resource ID.
kms_key_nametextDescribes the Cloud KMS encryption key that will be used to protect destination BigQuery table.
labelsjsonbThe labels associated with this table. You can use these to organize and group your tables. Label keys and values can be no longer than 63 characters, can only contain lowercase letters, numeric characters, underscores and dashes. International characters are allowed. Label values are optional. Label keys must start with a letter and each label in the list must have a different key.
last_modified_timetimestamp without time zoneThe time when this table was last modified.
locationtextThe GCP multi-region, region, or zone in which the resource is located.
materialized_viewjsonbDescribes materialized view definition.
nametextA descriptive name for this table, if one exists.
num_bytesbigintThe size of this table in bytes, excluding any data in the streaming buffer.
num_long_term_bytesbigintThe number of bytes in the table that are considered 'long-term storage'.
num_physical_bytesbigintThe physical size of this table in bytes, excluding any data in the streaming buffer.
num_rowsbigintThe number of rows of data in this table, excluding any data in the streaming buffer.
projecttextThe GCP Project in which the resource is located.
range_partitioningjsonbIf specified, configures range partitioning for this table.
require_partition_filterbooleanIf set to true, queries over this table require a partition filter that can be used for partition elimination to be specified.
schema_fieldsjsonbDescribes the fields in a table.
self_linktextA URL that can be used to access this resource again.
snapshot_timetimestamp without time zoneThe time at which the base table was snapshot.
streaming_bufferjsonbContains information regarding this table's streaming buffer, if one is present.
table_idtextThe ID of the table resource.
tagsjsonbA map of tags for the resource.
time_partitioningjsonbIf specified, configures time-based partitioning for this table.
titletextTitle of the resource.
typetextThe type of table. Possible values are: TABLE, VIEW.
viewjsonbdditional details for a view.
view_querytextA query that BigQuery executes when the view is referenced.
view_use_legacy_sqlbooleanTrue if view is defined in legacy SQL dialect, false if in standard SQL.