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Table: gcp_pubsub_subscription

The subscription connects the topic to a subscriber application that receives and processes messages published to the topic.


List of pubsub subscriptions which are not configured with dead letter topic

dead_letter_policy_topic is null;

Message configuration details for the subscriptions


.inspect gcp_pubsub_subscription

GCP Pub/Sub Subscription

ack_deadline_secondsbigintThe approximate amount of time (on a best-effort basis) Pub/Sub waits for the subscriber to acknowledge receipt before resending the message.
akasjsonbArray of globally unique identifier strings (also known as) for the resource.
dead_letter_policy_max_delivery_attemptsbigintThe maximum number of delivery attempts for any message. The value must be between 5 and 100.
dead_letter_policy_topictextThe name of the topic to which dead letter messages should be published.
enable_message_orderingbooleanIf true, messages published with the same `ordering_key` in `PubsubMessage` will be delivered to the subscribers in the order in which they are received by the Pub/Sub system. Otherwise, they may be delivered in any order.
expiration_policy_ttltextSpecifies the "time-to-live" duration for an associated resource. The resource expires if it is not active for a period of `ttl`. The definition of "activity" depends on the type of the associated resource. The minimum and maximum allowed values for `ttl` depend on the type of the associated resource, as well. If `ttl` is not set, the associated resource never expires.
filtertextAn expression written in the Pub/Sub [filter language](https://cloud.google.com/pubsub/docs/filtering). If non-empty, then only `PubsubMessage`s whose `attributes` field matches the filter are delivered on this subscription. If empty, then no messages are filtered out.
iam_policyjsonbAn Identity and Access Management (IAM) policy, which specifies access controls for Google Cloud resources. A `Policy` is a collection of `bindings`. A `binding` binds one or more `members` to a single `role`. Members can be user accounts, service accounts, Google groups, and domains (such as G Suite). A `role` is a named list of permissions; each `role` can be an IAM predefined role or a user-created custom role. For some types of Google Cloud resources, a `binding` can also specify a `condition`, which is a logical expression that allows access to a resource only if the expression evaluates to `true`.
labelsjsonbA set of labels attached with the subscription.
locationtextThe GCP multi-region, region, or zone in which the resource is located.
message_retention_durationtextHow long to retain unacknowledged messages in the subscription's backlog, from the moment a message is published. If `retain_acked_messages` is true, then this also configures the retention of acknowledged messages, and thus configures how far back in time a `Seek` can be done. Defaults to 7 days. Cannot be more than 7 days or less than 10 minutes.
nametextThe name of the subscription.
projecttextThe GCP Project in which the resource is located.
push_config_attributesjsonbEndpoint configuration attributes that can be used to control different aspects of the message delivery. The only currently supported attribute is "x-goog-version". This attribute indicates the version of the data expected by the endpoint. This controls the shape of the pushed message (i.e., its fields and metadata).
push_config_endpointtextA URL locating the endpoint to which messages should be pushed. For example, a Webhook endpoint might use `https://example.com/push`
push_config_oidc_token_audiencetextAudience to be used when generating OIDC token. The audience claim identifies the recipients that the JWT is intended for. The audience value is a single case-sensitive string.
push_config_oidc_token_service_account_emailtextService account email to be used for generating the OIDC token.
retain_acked_messagesbooleanIndicates whether to retain acknowledged messages. If true, then messages are not expunged from the subscription's backlog, even if they are acknowledged, until they fall out of the `message_retention_duration` window.
retry_policy_maximum_backofftextThe maximum delay between consecutive deliveries of a given message. Value should be between 0 and 600 seconds. Defaults to 600 seconds.
retry_policy_minimum_backofftextThe minimum delay between consecutive deliveries of a given message. Value should be between 0 and 600 seconds. Defaults to 10 seconds.
tagsjsonbA map of tags for the resource.
titletextTitle of the resource.
topictextThe name of the topic from which this subscription is receiving messages.
topic_nametextThe name of the topic from which this subscription is receiving messages.