steampipe plugin install theapsgroup/freshservice

Table: freshservice_contract

Obtain information about Contracts from the FreshService instance.


List all contracts


List contracts which did not yet start

c.contract_number, as vendor,
freshservice_contract c
inner join freshservice_vendor v on c.vendor_id =
c.start_date > NOW() :: timestamp;

Schema for freshservice_contract

_ctxjsonbSteampipe context in JSON form, e.g. connection_name.
approver_idbigintID of the agent who needs to approve the contract.
auto_renewbooleanTrue if the contract renews automatically.
contract_numbertextUnique reference number for the contract.
contract_type_idbigintID of the contract type.
costtextCost of the contract.
created_attimestamp with time zoneTimestamp at which the contract was created.
delegatee_idbigintID of the agent whom the contract approval is delegated to
descriptiontextDescription of the contract.
end_datetimestamp with time zoneEnd date of the contract.
expiry_notifiedbooleanTrue if the contract expiration notification has been sent.
idbigint=ID of the contract.
nametextName of the contract.
notify_beforebigintNumber of days before contract expiry date when the expiry notifications need to be sent.
notify_expirybooleanTrue if the expiration notifications are configured for the contract.
notify_tojsonbArray of email address whom should be notified of contract expiry.
requester_idbigintID of user whom created/renewed the contract.
start_datetimestamp with time zoneStart date of the contract.
statustextStatus of the contract.
updated_attimestamp with time zoneTimestamp at which the contract was last updated.
vendor_idbigintID of the vendor.
visible_to_idbigintID of agent group in FreshService to control visibility of the contract.