steampipe plugin install theapsgroup/freshservice

Table: freshservice_ticket_conversation

Allows for obtaining information on conversations for a specific Ticket.

You MUST specify a ticket_id in the WHERE or JOIN clause.


List all conversations on a specific Ticket

ticket_id = 2010101010;

Schema for freshservice_ticket_conversation

_ctxjsonbSteampipe context in JSON form, e.g. connection_name.
attachmentsjsonbAttachments associated with the conversation.
bodytextContent of the conversation in HTML.
body_texttextContent of the conversation in plain text.
created_attimestamp with time zoneTimestamp when the conversation was created.
idbigintID of the conversation.
incomingbooleanSet to true if a particular conversation should appear as being created from the outside (i.e., not through the web portal).
privatebooleanSet to true if private.
sourcetextDenotes the type of the conversation.
support_emailtextEmail address from which the reply is sent.
ticket_idbigint=ID of the ticket to which this conversation belongs.
to_emailsjsonbEmail addresses of agents/requesters who need to be notified about this conversation.
updated_attimestamp with time zoneTimestamp when the conversation was last updated.
user_idbigintUser ID of the agent or requester who is adding the conversation.