steampipe plugin install theapsgroup/freshservice

Table: freshservice_purchase_order

Obtain information on Purchase Orders raised in the FreshService instance.


List all purchase orders


List purchase orders from a specific vendor

vendor_id = 20591913;

Schema for freshservice_purchase_order

_ctxjsonbSteampipe context in JSON form, e.g. connection_name.
billing_addresstextAddress to which the order should be billed.
billing_same_as_shippingbooleanSet to true if billing address is same as shipping address.
conversion_ratedouble precisionConversion rate to convert selected currency unit to helpdesk currency.
created_attimestamp with time zoneTimestamp when the purchase order was created.
created_bybigintUser ID of the agent who created the purchase order.
currency_codetextCurrency unit used in the transaction.
department_idbigintID of the department.
discount_percentagedouble precisionPercentage of discount on the order.
expected_delivery_datetimestamp with time zoneTimestamp when delivery is expected for the purchase order.
idbigint=ID of the purchase order.
nametextTitle of the purchase order.
po_numbertextUnique purchase order number.
purchase_itemsjsonbItems to be ordered.
shipping_addresstextAddress to which the order should be shipped.
shopping_costdouble precisionTotal cost of shipping the order.
statusbigintStatus of the purchase order.
tax_percentagedouble precisionPercentage of tax on the order.
updated_attimestamp with time zoneTimestamp when the purchase order was last updated.
vendor_detailstextDetails of the vendor with whom the order is placed.
vendor_idbigintID of the vendor associated with the purchase order.