steampipe plugin install theapsgroup/gitlab

Table: gitlab_group_subgroup

The gitlab_group_subgroup table will obtain information about subgroups for a specific group.

However, you must specify a parent_id in the where or join clause.


List all subgroups of a group

parent_id = 34234;

Schema for gitlab_group_subgroup

_ctxjsonbSteampipe context in JSON form, e.g. connection_name.
auto_devops_enabledbooleanIndicates if the group has auto devops enabled.
avatar_urltextThe url for the groups avatar.
commit_countbigintThe number of commits in the group.
created_attimestamp with time zoneTimestamp for when the group was created.
custom_attributesjsonbAn array of custom attributes.
default_branch_protectionbigintIndicates level of protection applied to default branch see: for details.
descriptiontextThe groups description.
emails_disabledbooleanIndicates if this group has email notifications disabled.
extra_shared_runners_minutes_limitbigintThe limit in minutes of extra time the group can utilise shared runner resources.
file_template_project_idbigintThe ID of the project template used (if any).
full_nametextThe full name of the group.
full_pathtextThe full path of the group
idbigintThe ID of the group.
job_artifacts_sizebigintThe size of job artifacts within the group.
ldap_accessbigintThe LDAP Access associated with group.
ldap_cntextThe LDAP CN associated with group.
ldap_group_linksjsonbThe LDAP groups linked to the group.
lfs_enabledbooleanDoes the group have Large File System enabled.
lfs_objects_sizebigintThe size of LFS objects within the group.
marked_for_deletion_ontimestamp with time zoneTimestamp for when the group was marked to be deleted.
membership_lockbooleanIndicates if membership of the group is locked.
mentions_disabledbooleanIndicates if this group has mention notifications disabled.
nametextThe group name.
packages_sizebigintThe size of packages within the group.
parent_idbigint=The ID of the groups parent group (for sub-groups)
pathtextThe group path.
pipeline_artifacts_sizebigintThe size of pipeline artifacts within the group.
prevent_forking_outside_groupbooleanIndicates if forking is prevented for projects not within the group.
project_creation_leveltextThe level at which project creation is permitted developer/maintainer/owner
repository_sizebigintThe size of repositories in the group.
request_access_enabledbooleanIndicates if the group allows access requests.
require_two_factor_authenticationbooleanIndicates if this group requires 2fa.
runners_tokentextThe groups runner token.
share_with_group_lockbooleanIndicates if this group can be shared with other groups
shared_runners_enabledbooleanIndicates if shared runners are enabled for the group.
shared_runners_minutes_limitbigintThe limit in minutes of time the group can utilise shared runner resources.
snippets_sizebigintThe size of snippets within the group.
storage_sizebigintThe storage size of the group on disk.
subgroup_creation_leveltextThe level at which sub-group creation is permitted developer/maintainer/owner
two_factor_grace_periodbigintThe grace period (in hours) for 2fa.
uploads_sizebigintThe size of uploads within the group.
visibilitytextThe groups visibility (private/internal/public)
web_urltextThe url for the group.
wiki_sizebigintThe size of wikis within the group.