steampipe plugin install theapsgroup/gitlab

Table: gitlab_setting

The gitlab_setting table is used to obtain the settings for the GitLab instance you're connected to.

Note: When used with the Public GitLab may result in a 403 Forbidden error.


Obtain settings


Schema for gitlab_setting

_ctxjsonbSteampipe context in JSON form, e.g. connection_name.
abuse_notification_emailtextEmail address for abuse notifications.
admin_modebooleanIndicates if admins must re-authenticate to perform administrative functions.
admin_notification_emailtextThe email address for administrative notifications. [DEPRECATED]
after_sign_out_pathtextThe location users are redirect to upon logging out.
after_sign_up_texttextText displayed after user signs up.
akismet_api_keytextThe API key used for Akisment if enabled.
akismet_enabledbooleanIndicates if Akismet spam protection is enabled.
allow_group_owners_to_manage_ldapbooleanIndicates if group owners can manage a linked LDAP for permissions.
allow_local_requests_from_system_hooksbooleanIndicates if requests can be sent to the local network from system hooks.
allow_local_requests_from_web_hooks_and_servicesbooleanIndicates if requests can be sent to the local network from web hooks and services.
archive_builds_in_human_readabletextThe human readable representation of when jobs are regarded as expired, if null they never expire.
asset_proxy_allowlistjsonbAn array of domains which are not proxied.
asset_proxy_enabledbooleanIndicates if asset proxying is enabled.
asset_proxy_secret_keytextThe secret key used to provide access to the asset proxy server.
asset_proxy_urltextThe URL of the asset proxy server.
authorized_keys_enabledbooleanIndicates if the authorized_keys file is supported for SSH within GitLab instance.
auto_devops_domaintextThe domain used by default for all projects Auto Review Apps and Auto Deploy stages.
auto_devops_enabledbooleanIndicates if auto devops is enabled for projects by default.
automatic_purchased_storage_allocationbooleanIndicates if purchased storage is automatically allocated.
can_create_groupbooleanIndicates if current user can create groups.
container_expiration_policies_enable_historic_entriesbooleanIndicates if cleanup policies are enabled for all projects.
container_registry_cleanup_tags_service_max_list_sizebigintMaximum size of container registry tags before cleaning older ones.
container_registry_delete_tags_service_timeoutbigintTimeout when attempting to delete tags from container registry.
container_registry_expiration_policies_cachingbooleanIndicates if caching is enabled for expiration policies in the container registry.
container_registry_expiration_policies_worker_capacitybigintCapacity of workers processing expiration policies on the container registry.
container_registry_import_created_beforetimestamp with time zone
container_registry_import_max_retriesbigintMaximum number of retries when importing images into container registry.
container_registry_import_max_step_durationbigintMaximum duration for the import step.
container_registry_import_max_tags_countbigintMaximum number of tags that can be imported into the container registry.
container_registry_token_expire_delaybigintContainer registry token expiration in minutes.
created_attimestamp with time zoneTimestamp when the settings were created.
custom_http_clone_url_roottextCustom root URL for http cloning.
deactivate_dormant_usersbooleanIndicates if dormant users will be deactivated after a period of time.
default_artifacts_expire_intextThe human-readable default expiration time of each jobs artifacts.
default_branch_nametextInstance level initial branch name.
default_branch_protectionbigintLevel of default branch protection.
default_ci_config_pathtextThe default path for CI configuration.
default_group_visibilitytextThe default visibility of groups, can be private, internal or public.
default_project_creationbigintDefault project creation protection level (0 no one, 1 maintainers, 2 developers & maintainers).
default_project_deletion_protectionbooleanIndicates if project deletion protection is enabled by default.
default_project_visibilitytextThe default visibility of projects, can be private, internal or public.
default_projects_limitbigintLimit of personal projects each user can create in the instance.
default_snippet_visibilitytextThe default visibility of snippets, can be private, internal or public.
delayed_group_deletionbooleanIndicates if group deletions are delayed.
delayed_project_deletionbooleanIndicates if project deletions are delayed.
delete_inactive_projectsbooleanIndicates if inactive projects are deleted.
deletion_adjourned_periodbigintThe period which deletions are delayed (if set).
diff_max_filesbigintMaximum number of files shown for a diff.
diff_max_linesbigintMaximum number of lines shown for a diff.
diff_max_patch_bytesbigintMaximum number of patch bytes shown for a diff.
disable_feed_tokenbooleanIndicates if the feed token is disabled.
disable_overriding_approvers_per_merge_requestbooleanIndicates if overriding the approvers of a merge request is disabled.
disabled_oauth_sign_in_sourcesjsonbDisabled OAuth sign-in sources.
dns_rebinding_protection_enabledbooleanIndicates if DNS rebinding attack protection is enforced.
domain_allowlistjsonbAn array of domains allowed.
domain_denylistjsonbAn array of domains on the denylist, will only be used if domain_denylist_enabled is true.
domain_denylist_enabledbooleanIndicates if domain_denylist is enabled.
dsa_key_restrictionbigintThe minimum allowed bit length of an uploaded DSA key. Default is 0 (no restriction). -1 disables DSA keys.
ecdsa_key_restrictionbigintThe minimum allowed curve size (in bits) of an uploaded ECDSA key. Default is 0 (no restriction). -1 disables ECDSA keys.
ed25519_key_restrictionbigintThe minimum allowed curve size (in bits) of an uploaded ED25519 key. Default is 0 (no restriction). -1 disables ED25519 keys.
eks_access_key_idtextThe access key used for EKS integration.
eks_account_idtextThe account ID that EKS is running on.
eks_integration_enabledbooleanIndicates if EKS integration is enabled.
eks_secret_access_keytextThe secret access key used for EKS integration.
email_additional_texttextAdditional text appended to emails.
email_author_in_bodybooleanIndicates if the email of the author of issue, MR, comment, etc is included in the email body instead of replacing the email of sender.
email_restrictionstextEmail restrictions.
email_restrictions_enabledbooleanIndicates if email restrictions are enabled.
enabled_git_access_protocoltextThe enabled protocols for git access, values are ssh, http or nil.
enforce_namespace_storage_limitbooleanIndicates if namespace storage limits are enforced.
enforce_pat_expirationbooleanIndicates if personal access token expiration is enforced.
enforce_ssh_key_expirationbooleanIndicates if ssh key expiration is enforced.
enforce_termsbooleanIndicates if terms are enforced as application terms of service.
external_auth_client_certtextThe certificate used to authenticate with external authorization service.
external_auth_client_keytextThe private key for the certificate used for authentication - this is encrypted when stored.
external_auth_client_key_passtextThe passphrase to use for private key - is encrypted when stored.
external_authorization_service_default_labeltextThe default classification label to use when requesting authorization and no classification label has been specified on the project.
external_authorization_service_enabledbooleanIndicates if using an external authorization service for accessing projects.
external_authorization_service_timeoutdouble precisionThe timeout after which an authorization request is aborted, in seconds.
external_authorization_service_urltextThe URL to which authorization requests are directed.
external_pipeline_validation_service_timeoutbigintHow long to wait for a response from the pipeline validation service.
external_pipeline_validation_service_tokentextThe token to include as the X-Gitlab-Token header in requests to the URL in external_pipeline_validation_service_url.
external_pipeline_validation_service_urltextThe URL to use for pipeline validation requests.
first_day_of_weekbigintStart day of the week for calendar views and date pickers. Valid values are 0 (default) for Sunday, 1 for Monday, and 6 for Saturday.
floc_enabledbooleanIndicates if floc is enabled.
geo_node_allowed_ipstextGeonode allowed IPs.
geo_status_timeoutbigintGeo status timeout.
git_rate_limit_users_allowlistjsonbAn array of users allowed to bypass git rate limits.
gitaly_timeout_defaultbigintDefault Gitaly timeout, in seconds.
gitaly_timeout_fastbigintGitaly fast operation timeout, in seconds.
gitaly_timeout_mediumbigintMedium Gitaly timeout, in seconds.
gitpod_enabledbooleanIndicates if GitPod is enabled.
gitpod_urltextThe url for GitPod.
grafana_enabledbooleanIndicates if grafana is enabled.
grafana_urltextThe URL of the grafana instance.
gravatar_enabledbooleanIndicates if gravatar is enabled.
group_owners_can_manage_default_branch_protectionbooleanIndicates if group owners can manage default branch protection settings.
group_runner_token_expiration_intervalbigintExpiration interval for group runner tokens.
hashed_storage_enabledbooleanIndicates if hashed storage is enabled.
help_page_hide_commercial_contentbooleanIndicates if marketing-related entries are hidden from help.
help_page_support_urltextAlternate support URL for help page and help dropdown.
help_page_texttextCustom text displayed on the help page.
hide_third_party_offersbooleanIndicates if third-party offers are hidden in GitLab.
home_page_urltextThe location users are sent to if not logged in.
housekeeping_bitmaps_enabledbooleanGit pack file bitmap creation is always enabled and cannot be changed via API and UI. This API field is deprecated and always returns true.
housekeeping_enabledbooleanIndicates if housekeeping is enabled.
housekeeping_full_repack_periodbigintNumber of Git pushes after which a full git repack is run.
housekeeping_gc_periodbigintNumber of Git pushes after which git gc is run.
housekeeping_incremental_repack_periodbigintNumber of Git pushes after which an incremental git repack is run.
html_emails_enabledbooleanIndicates if HTML emails are enabled.
idbigintThe ID of the settings.
import_sourcesjsonbAn array is strings used to define sources from which projects can be imported.
in_product_marketing_emails_enabledbooleanIndicates if marketing emails are enabled.
inactive_projects_delete_after_monthsbigintNumber of months of inactivity before projects are deleted, if delete_inactive_projects is true.
inactive_projects_min_size_mbbigintMinimum size in MB of inactive projects to be considered for deletion, if delete_inactive_projects is true.
inactive_projects_send_warning_email_after_monthsbigintNumber of months after which an email will be sent warning of inactive project to be deleted, if delete_inactive_projects is true.
invisible_captcha_enabledbooleanIndicates if invisible captchas are enabled.
issues_create_limitbigintLimit of issues that can be created over a certain period.
keep_latest_artifactbooleanIndicates if latest artifact if kept.
local_markdown_versionbigintIncrease this value when any cached Markdown should be invalidated.
lock_memberships_to_ldapbooleanIndicates if membership is only available via LDAP synced accounts.
login_recaptcha_protection_enabledbooleanIndicates if logins are protected by recaptcha.
maintenance_modebooleanIndicates if GitLab is in maintenance mode.
maintenance_mode_messagetextMessage displayed to users when maintenance_mode is true.
max_artifacts_sizebigintMaximum artifacts size in MB.
max_attachment_sizebigintLimit of attachment size in MB.
max_export_sizebigintMaximum export size in MB.
max_import_sizebigintMaximum import size in MB.
max_pages_sizebigintMaximum size of pages repositories in MB.
max_personal_access_token_lifetimebigintMaximum TTL of PAT.
max_ssh_key_lifetimebigintMaximum TTL of SSH keys.
max_yaml_depthbigintMaximum depth levels in yaml files.
max_yaml_size_bytesbigintMaximum size in bytes of yaml files.
metrics_method_call_thresholdbigintA method call is only tracked when it takes longer than the given amount of milliseconds.
minimum_password_lengthbigintMinimum length of passwords for GitLab maintained accounts.
mirror_availablebooleanIndicates if Maintainers can mirror repositories.
mirror_capacity_thresholdbigintMinimum capacity to be available before scheduling more mirrors preemptively.
mirror_max_capacitybigintMaximum number of mirrors that can be synchronizing at the same time.
mirror_max_delaybigintMaximum time (in minutes) between updates that a mirror can have when scheduled to synchronize.
notes_create_limitbigintLimit of notes that can be created over a specific period.
outbound_local_requests_whitelistjsonbAn array of trusted domains or IP addresses to which local requests are allowed when local requests for hooks and services are disabled.
pages_domain_verification_enabledbooleanIndicates if users need to prove ownership of custom domain.
password_authentication_enabled_for_gitbooleanIndicates if authentication for Git over HTTP(S) via a GitLab account password is enabled.
password_authentication_enabled_for_webbooleanindicates if authentication for the web interface via a GitLab account password is enabled.
password_lowercase_requiredbooleanIndicates if password must contain lowercase characters.
password_number_requiredbooleanIndicates if password must contain numerics.
password_symbol_requiredbooleanIndicates if password must contain symbols.
password_uppercase_requiredbooleanIndicates if password must contain uppercase characters.
performance_bar_allowed_group_pathtextPath of the group that is allowed to toggle the performance bar.
performance_bar_enabledbooleanIndicates if performance bar is enabled.
personal_access_token_prefixtextCustom prefix attached to personal access tokens.
plantuml_enabledbooleanIndicates if Plant UML integration is enabled.
plantuml_urltextThe PlantUML instance URL for integration.
polling_interval_multiplierdouble precisionInterval multiplier used by endpoints that perform polling.
prevent_merge_request_author_approvalbooleanIndicates if merge requests require author approval.
prevent_merge_request_committers_approvalbooleanIndicates if merge requests require committer approval.
project_export_enabledbooleanIndicates if project exporting is enabled.
project_runner_token_expiration_intervalbigintInterval at which project runner tokens expire
prometheus_metrics_enabledbooleanIndicates if prometheus metrics are enabled.
protected_ci_variablesbooleanIndicates if CI/CD variables are protected by default.
pseudonymizer_enabledbooleanIndicates if the pseudonymizer is enabled.
push_event_activities_limitbigintNumber of changes (branches or tags) in a single push to determine whether individual push events or bulk push events are created.
push_event_hooks_limitbigintNumber of changes (branches or tags) in a single push to determine whether webhooks and services fire or not.
rate_limiting_response_texttextText returned to users upon hitting the rate limit.
recaptcha_enabledbooleanIndicates if reCAPTCHA is enabled.
recaptcha_private_keytextPrivate key for reCAPTCHA.
recaptcha_site_keytextSite key for reCAPTCHA.
receive_max_input_sizebigintMaximum push size (MB).
repository_checks_enabledbooleanIndicates if GitLab periodically runs git fsck in all project and wiki repositories to look for silent disk corruption issues.
repository_size_limitbigintSize limit per repository (MB).
repository_storagesjsonbAn array of names of enabled storage paths, taken from gitlab.yml.
require_admin_approval_after_user_signupbooleanIndicates if users require approval from an administrator after signing up.
require_two_factor_authenticationbooleanIndicates if 2FA is required for all users.
restricted_visibility_levelsjsonbAn array of levels that cannot be used by non-Administrator users for groups, projects or snippets.
rsa_key_restrictionbigintThe minimum allowed bit length of an uploaded RSA key. Default is 0 (no restriction). -1 disables RSA keys.
runner_token_expiration_intervalbigintInterval after which runner tokens expire.
search_rate_limitbigintRate limit for searching for authenticated users.
search_rate_limit_unauthenticatedbigintRate limit for searching for unauthenticated users.
send_user_confirmation_emailbooleanIndicates if users receive a confirmation email on sign-up.
session_expire_delaybigintSession duration in minutes.
shared_runners_enabledbooleanIndicates if shared runners are enabled for new projects.
shared_runners_minutesbigintThe maximum number of CI/CD minutes that a group can use on shared runners per month.
shared_runners_texttextShared runners text.
sign_in_texttextText on the login page.
signup_enabledbooleanIndicates if user registration is allowed.
snowplow_collector_hostnametextThe Snowplow collector hostname.
snowplow_cookie_domaintextThe Snowplow cookie domain.
snowplow_enabledbooleanIndicates if snowplow tracking is enabled.
snowplow_site_idtextThe Snowplow site name / application ID.
terminal_max_session_timebigintMaximum time for web terminal websocket connection (in seconds). 0 for unlimited time.
termstextThe terms of service.
throttle_authenticated_api_enabledbooleanIndicates if authenticated API request rate limit is enabled.
throttle_authenticated_api_period_in_secondsbigintRate limit period (in seconds).
throttle_authenticated_api_requests_per_periodbigintMaximum requests per period per user.
throttle_authenticated_web_enabledbooleanIndicates if authenticated web request rate limit is enabled.
throttle_authenticated_web_period_in_secondsbigintRate limit period (in seconds).
throttle_authenticated_web_requests_per_periodbigintMaximum requests per period per user.
throttle_unauthenticated_enabledbooleanIndicates if unauthenticated web request rate limit is enabled.
throttle_unauthenticated_period_in_secondsbigintRate limit period (in seconds).
throttle_unauthenticated_requests_per_periodbigintMaximum requests per period per IP.
time_tracking_limit_to_hoursbooleanIndicates if time tracking units is limited to hours only.
two_factor_grace_periodbigintAmount of time (in hours) that users are allowed to skip forced configuration of two-factor authentication.
unique_ips_limit_enabledbooleanIndicates if users are limited to sign in from different IPs.
unique_ips_limit_per_userbigintMaximum number of IPs per user.
unique_ips_limit_time_windowbigintHow many seconds an IP is counted towards the limit.
updated_attimestamp with time zoneTimestamp when the settings were last updated.
updating_name_disabled_for_usersbooleanIndicates if updating names is disabled for users.
usage_ping_enabledbooleanIndicates if every week GitLab reports license usage back to GitLab, Inc.
usage_ping_features_enabledbooleanIndicates if GitLab reports feature license usage back to GitLab, Inc.
user_deactivation_emails_enabledbooleanIndicates if user deactivation emails are sent.
user_default_externalbooleanIndicates if newly registered users are external by default.
user_default_internal_regextextSpecify an email address regex pattern to identify default internal users.
user_oauth_applicationsbooleanIndicates if users can register any application to use GitLab as an OAuth provider.
user_show_add_ssh_key_messagebooleanIndicates if the warning is shown to users when they haven't configured an SSH key.
version_check_enabledbooleanIndicates if GitLab checks for new versions and informs about available updates.
web_ide_clientside_preview_enabledbooleanIndicates if Live Preview (allow live previews of JavaScript projects in the Web IDE using CodeSandbox Live Preview) is enabled.