steampipe plugin install theapsgroup/gitlabsteampipe plugin install theapsgroup/gitlab

Table: gitlab_my_project

The gitlab_my_project table can be used to query information against projects that the authenticated user is a member of.


Get all projects you're associated with


Get top 10 projects you're associated with based on stars

order by
star_count desc
limit 1;

Get project creation information

u.username as creator,
p.full_path as project,
p.created_at as created
gitlab_my_project p
inner join
gitlab_user u
p.creator_id =;

.inspect gitlab_my_project

Projects in the GitLab Instance where authenticated user is a member.

approvals_before_mergebigintThe project setting for number of approvals required before a merge request can be merged.
archivedbooleanIndicates if the project is archived.
avatar_urltextThe url for the projects avatar.
commit_countbigintThe number of commits on the project.
container_registry_enabledbooleanIndicates if the project has the container registry enabled.
created_attimestamp without time zoneTimestamp of when project was created.
creator_idbigintThe ID of the projects creator. - link to ``
default_branchtextThe projects default branch name.
descriptiontextThe projects description.
empty_repobooleanIndicates if the repository of the project is empty.
forks_countbigintThe number of forks of the project.
full_nametextThe projects name including namespace.
full_pathtextThe projects path including namespace.
idbigintThe ID of the project.
issues_enabledbooleanIndicates if project has issues enabled.
job_artifacts_sizebigintThe size of projects job artifacts on disk.
jobs_enabledbooleanIndicates if the project has jobs enabled.
last_activity_attimestamp without time zoneTimestamp of when last activity happened on the project.
lfs_enabledbooleanIndicates if the project has large file system enabled.
lfs_objects_sizebigintThe size of the projects LFS objects on disk.
marked_for_deletion_attimestamp without time zoneTimestamp of when project was marked for deletion.
merge_requests_enabledbooleanIndicates if merge requests are enabled on the project
nametextThe projects name.
open_issues_countbigintA count of open issues on the project.
owner_idbigintThe projects owner ID. (null if owned by a group) - link to ``
owner_usernametextThe projects owner username. (null if owned by a group) - link to `gitlab_user.username`
packages_enabledbooleanIndicates if the project has packages enabled.
pathtextThe projects path.
publicbooleanIndicates if the project is public
repository_sizebigintThe size of the projects repository on disk.
request_access_enabledbooleanIndicates if the project has request access enabled.
snippets_enabledbooleanIndicates if the project has snippets enabled.
star_countbigintThe number of stars given to the project.
storage_sizebigintThe size of the project on disk.
tag_listjsonbAn array of tags associated to the project.
visibilitytextThe projects visibility level (private/public/internal)
web_urltextThe projects url.
wiki_enabledbooleanIndicates if the project has the wiki enabled.